Essential Tools & Equipment

551243 Cable,Varistor Check Tool Repl
1699200115 MTS 6513 Kit W/O WIFI
BT-8653-A Torque Angle Extension
J-8092 Universal Driver Handle
J-23688 Refractometer
J-24460-92 Radiator Pressure Test Adapter Set
J-25721-A Slide Hammer Set
J-26349-A Trans Bearing Puller Set
J-28431-6 Fluorescent Oil Dye (Six 1 oz. Bottles)
J-29545-6A Fluorescent Coolant Dye (Six 3-4 oz. Bottles)
J-34301-C Automatic Transmission Oil Pressure Gauge Set
J-37066 Front Seal Installer
J-37228 Pan Seal Cutter
J-38365-NI Air Fuel Sensor Wrench
J-38873-A Drive Plate Installer
J-41425-NIS Aluminum Tubing Repair Kit
J-42059 Power Outlet Remover
J-42578 Steering Wheel Puller Legs
J-42738 Transfer Case Seal Installer
J-42909 EVAP Pressure Adapter Kit
J-43897-18 18mm Oxy Sensor Thread Cleaner
J-43926 Air Conditioning Dye Kit
J-44321-B Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit
J-44372 5-60 lb. Pull Gauge
J-44626 Socket ,22mm Offset
J-44716 Ring Gear Stopper
J-45073 Rear Axle Bearing Remover
J-45356 Leak Check Adapter
J-45404 Alignment Tool
J-45488 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
J-45542 Transmission Adapter
J-45695-A Coolant Refill Tool
J-45722 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench
J-45737 TP50 TORX Plus Bit
J-45741-A ABS Sensor Checker
J-45747 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench
J-45804 Hinge Bracket Gauge
J-45816 E20 TORX Socket
J-46211 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench
J-46214 Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench
J-46528 Drive Plate Location Guide
J-46531 TP55 TORX Bit
J-46532 Brake Height Tool
J-46534 Panel Popper Tool Set
J-46535 Idler Pulley Relief Tool
J-46536 Titan Fuel Lock Ring Wrench
J-46538 Flameless Heat Gun
J-47002 Transmission Jack Adapter
J-47005 Seal Installer
J-47007 Brembo Brake Tool
J-47009 Connector Release Tool
J-47126 Net Hook Tool
J-47128 VQ Rear Main Seal Installer
J-47242 Engine Support Table
J-47244 L/H CVT Seal Installer
J-47245 Ring Gear Stopper
J-47327 Preset Torque ScrewDriver
J-47329 Vacuum Gauge Kit
J-47437 Power Valve Alignment Tool
J-47447 Crank Position Sensor Deburring Tool
J-48755 HEV Safety Kit
J-48761 Ring Gear Stopper
J-48767 HEV Service Hose Kit
J-48817-E Harness Repair Kit
J-48849 Manual Trans Cable Adjuster
J-48850-A Kit, Navigational Reprogram ADAP
J-48850-15MY Map Data Master Disc Set
J-48891 14mm Spark Plug Socket
J-49029 Strut Rod Clamp
J-49286 Pull and Drift Gauge Set
J-49387 Seat Track Gauge
J-49749 Brake Booster Vacuum Cust Own
J-49815 VQ40 Rear Main Seal Installer
J-49829 Transmission Oil Fill Kit
J-50023 Transmission Holding Fixture
J-50097-FUEL Fuel Test Kit
J-50097-NONFUEL Fuel Test Kit
J-50190 Signal Tech II Tire Pressure Monitor Tester
J-50246 VQ Tensioner Shoe Installer
J-50255-B Updated CVT Bearing Replacement Kit
J-50278 33mm Specialty Wrench
J-50283 Rear Axle Service Kit
J-50288 Ring Gear Stopper
J-50364 Direct Injection Seal Installer
J-50366 Direct Injector Puller
J-50367 Transfer Case Seal Installer
J-50393 Case Differential Seal Installer
J-50394 Torque Converter Housing Differential Seal Installer
J-50397 Squeak & Rattle Repair
J-50747 Murano Side Seal Installer
J-50777 Versa Combi Reprogramming Fixture
J-50816 Manual Applicator, 2:1, 400ml
J-50817 CVT3 Oil Pump Seal Installer
J-50818 CVT2 Oil Pump Seal Installer
J-50835 Installer, Rivet Nut
J-50836 Ratchet Tie Down
J-50867 NS-2 Transmission Fill Pump
J-50878 Drill Bit, 33/64"
J-50976 Exhaust Decay Tool
J-50991 Fuel Sensor Wrench
J-51001 NS-3 Transmission Fill Pump
J-51179 Lane Departure Target
J-51269 Oil Jet Remover/Installer Kit
J-51289 Seat Track Gauge
J-51307 CVT Adapter Kit
J-51315 Airbag Fixture
J-51338 T50 Puller Wrench Kit
J-51360 USB Extension, 10 ft.
J-51387 Ring Gear Stop
J-51393 Engine Support Fixture
J-51513 DLC Breakout Box
J-51594 USB to DLC Cable
J-51595 CVT Lifter Bracket
J-51771 Smart Fit Radiator Pressure Test Kit
J-51782 Antenna Simulator Kit
J-51813 Fuel Sensor Socket
J-51863 Air Bag Spring Release Tool
J-51874 Trunk Torsion Spring Service Tool
J-51875 EVAP Port Kit
J-51909 Lifting Fixture, CVT
J-51922 Enhanced Multi-Media Interface Tester, EMMIT
J-51951 Boroscope Kit, 90 degree mirror
J-51959 CVT Assembly Guide Pins
J-51963 Low Lint Lens Swabs
J-51980 Tire Pressure Sensor Valve Stem Removal Tool
J-51981 Aisin Transmission Jack Adapter
J-52082 CVT Universal Lifting Fixture
J-52173 Air Conditioning Clutch Service Tool
J-52226 Ring Gauge, Inspection
J-52227 Gas Venting Jig
J-52233 Velco Straps
J-52258 Airbag Socket Depth Gage
J-52266-NIS Driver Assistance Targets
J-52272 Assembly Guide Pins, Pulley Bracket
J-52273 Clutch Engagement Tool
J-52275 Side Cover Alignment Aid
J-52278 DX Input Seal Installer, Torque Converter
J-52280 Seal Driver Handle, Short
J-52281 Output/Axle Seal Installer (Case side)
J-52282 Output/Axle Seal Installer (TC side)
J-52283 Output Seal Installer, Case Side
J-52284 Output Seal Installer, Torque Converter Side
J-52306 Transmission Range Switch (PNP), CVT
J-52352 USB Bar Code Scanner
J-52390 Transfer Case Seal Installer (1)
J-52391 Transfer Case Seal Installer (2)
J-52469 Seal Protector Kit, Set of Three
J-54400 Titan Service Kit

Special Tool Storage

J-51055-STSS1 Service Tool Storage Cabinet System - 4 Cabinets
J-51055-STSS2 Service Tool Storage Cabinet System - 5 Cabinets
J-51055-STSS3 Service Tool Storage Cabinet System - 6 Cabinets

CONSULT Diagnostic Equipment

J-54201 CONSULT Kit

CONSULT Optional Accessories

J-47446-CART Nissan Consult III Kit Cart
J-47446-COVER Consult III Dust Cover
J-47446-PRNT Nissan Consult III Printer Kit
J-47446-WAR Extended Warranty from 3 yrs to 5 yrs

Large Shop Items

1-20-2851-1 ICC/FCW Sensor Alignment Target
165-DSS-5000P-NIS Battery Diagnostic Tool
165-GR8-1200KIT-NI Nissan Battery & Eectrical System Tester
1-ACE-NIS Auto Comp Elite Lathe, Black W/Nissan adapters
38-92-BASE-IBT PFM9.2 Lathe and 2192 Trolley only
38-50-5ADP Pro-Cut 5 Adapter Package
38-50-ACC Pro-Cut Accessory Package
38-50-1200UPG Pro-Cut G2X Upgrade Package (optional)
38-50-1360 Pro-Cut GYR Upgrade Package
42-48710 Tech-Mate Air-Conditioning Machine
425-C9100020 Computerized Code Cutter and Duplicator
697-95-0130-NIS Nissan Dual Diagnostic Leak Detector
223-97202 Wireless Chassis Ear, with Four Sensors

HEV Special Service Tools (Altima Hybrid)

J-34296-1 Oil Seal Protector
J-48763 Left Side Seal Installer
J-48764 Right Side Seal Installer
J-48766 Input Oil Seal Installer
J-48877 Protector, L/S Seal
J-48851 Half Shaft Remover Kit
J-02619-5 Slide Hammer
J-8092 Driver Handle

Leaf EV Shop Equipment & Service Tools

J-50365 Storage & Workbench
J-50346-A GRx-5000-EV Charge Balancer
J-50249 Leaf LiB Tool Kit
J-47446-EV-DIAG Security Card/Adapter

16-2002 Floor Crane


J-47446-GTR GTR Diagnostic Kit
J-49023 Brake Caliper Tool
J-49360 Gasket Scraper (Plastic)
J-50262 GT-R Transaxle Seal Installer
J-50392 ACM Holding Pins

Commercial Vehicle

1-175-509-1 Hunter Heavy Duty Hub Adapter
38-50-683R9 Heavy Duty Hub Adapter