ecoVac Professional Elite Kit

USD $1,921.00

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The ecoVac™ Professional Windshield Repair Kit contains all the tools necessary to make it GlasWeld’s best system for the serious professional. This kit features the patented ecoVac Injector, ProCur2 LED UV Curing Light, multiple resin choices, and a professional grade carrying case. Includes enough initial supplies to perform up to 400 repairs.



  • Professional Grade Kit Case
  • ecoVac™ Injector w/Stand including Lifetime Injector Warranty
  • ProCur2™ LED UV Curing Light
  • Resin 2010 Clear (15ml),Resin 2020 Blue (15ml), Resin 2020 Amber (15 ml), Resin 2020 Green (15ml)
  • Crackweld 2000 (30ml)
  • Pit Filler (15 ml)
  • Moisture Evaporator Tool
  • Drill (Rechargeable with Charger),Drill Bits – Carbide (5/pk)
  • Corner/Edge Tool



756-GW-W07908 Online Certification $104.00 Add to cart



756-GW-W00021 Injector Seal Lube $9.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00030 Film Tabs $8.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W03100 ecoVac Seal Kit $35.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04111 Windshield Repair Resin 2010 Amber $37.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04131 Windshield Repair Resin 2010 Clear $31.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04211 Windshield Repair Resin 2020 Amber $37.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04231 Windshield Repair Resin 2020 Clear $31.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04411 Pit Filler $37.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04701 Pit Polish $9.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W06050 Drill Bits - Carbide 5pk $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W06050 Drill Bits - Carbide 5pk $15.00 Add to cart