PFM 9.2 Brake Lathe with Trolley Package

USD $10,495.00


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The PFM92 comes complete with Speed Lock cutting head. This feature allows the technician to shave up to a minute more off the already incredibly fast process time of Pro-Cut PFM lathes by eliminating the need for hand tools during set up. Sound easy? You bet! In as little as 7 minutes per rotor, your techs will be matching and re-finishing rotors with the highest degree of accuracy available today.



  • Includes: 38-92-BASE-IBT (PFM92 Lathe with Trolley), 38-50-6ADP (6 Adapters), 38-50-ACC (Accessory Kit), Set-up and training, and 1-year Full Warranty Parts and Labor; 3-year warranty on lathe body (includes internal gears and spindle).



38-50-1200UPG G2X Upgrade Package for PFM92 or Warthog $1,735.00 Add to cart
38-50-1360 GYR Upgrade Package for Warthog or PFM92 $1,740.00 Add to cart



38-50-174 Speed Nut Kit & Holster $185.00 Add to cart
38-50-179 Nut & Bold Kit with case $97.00 Add to cart
38-50-683 Heavy Duty Adapter $475.00 Add to cart
38-50-693 5-Lug Adapter $475.00 Add to cart
38-50-743 PCBN Cutting Tips $193.00 Add to cart