Zoom Professional Windshield Repair Kit

USD $1,303.00


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The ProVac Zoom features patent-pending Z-Mount Technology which is incredibly fast and easy to use. Z-Mount technology also solves a common problem that all other systems have: over-tightening against the glass. Never before has it been so easy to get a great windshield repair!



  • Fastest system in the world. Z-Mount allows for a perfect seal almost instantly.
  • Easiest to use, no external moving parts.
  • Our strongest and quickest vacuum. 15% stronger than the G3 and 30% stronger than the ecoVac. Full vacuum achieved in only 3 turns!
  • Stainless steel with a lifetime warranty.
  • Uses ProVac technology—the ONLY technology that maintains a full vacuum during the entire repair process during all vacuum and pressure cycle.
  • Fully adjustable for all types and areas of the windshield.
  • Uses 4-6 drops of resin.



756-GW-W00016 Fixed Tip Probe $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00018 Replacement Mirror $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00021 Injector Seal Lube $9.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00022 Suction Cup Sealent $10.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00028 Replacement Mirror $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00030 Film Tabs $8.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W00033 Replacement Suction Cup $5.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W02440 Extra Zoom Injector & Stand $450.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W03046 Outer White Seals (Zoom) $15.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W03400 Zoom Injector Seal Kit $35.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04111 2010 Amber Resin (Thin) $37.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04141 2010 Gray Resin (Thin) $37.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04411 Pit Filler Resin $37.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04523 Crackweld 2000-Long Crack Resin $69.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W04701 Pit Polish $9.00 Add to cart
756-GW-W06050 Drill Bits 5-Pack $15.00 Add to cart